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zondag 25 november 2018

Hello everyone…

I came on this lessonsite

and i saw  my tube in this lesson. see above link

 But when i see the matrials and tube makers ,i read not my name but Isa Tubes !!! No its not it is mine !! Paulina-Psp-Tubes 

i am very angry about it.

I see more tubes they  clame and share with others

Mabey i am not tubed for now , or make lessons,.. doesn't mean i am not on the internet anymore

Yes i see all. !! 

So if you read this ISA and many other stealers take all of my tubes from your site and don't clame as yours.

 I see wich tubes are mine because i have al redesignd and retouched them
Its so many many work lets have respect for what i do !!!!


dinsdag 18 april 2017

Lieve Allemaal,,,..,
Het is hier erg stil maar hier komt gauw weer wat nieuwe tubes.

Ik heb het erg druk en ik ben ziek geweest
Lieve groetjes Paulina